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Do-It Disc

I focus well and do the really important things when my mind is fresh and I have the energy. Sometimes I forget to get how important it is to restore myself and need a strategy for remembering. Right now I’m using the Do-It Disc that Jenny Bird and I created for our book on the Art of Coaching to help me.

The Do-It disc is a circle with four segments, to help us to focus on the tasks which are both important and influential, to reject the tasks which are urgent for someone else but not high on our agenda, and to spend enough time in a 3 R segment – Review, Rest and Restore.

Apparently, there’s some evidence that if you don’t spend enough time asleep, your ability to perform higher level thinking tasks diminishes as if you’ve had a few too many drinks. Also evidence that lacking sleep is a common factor for some sufferers of Alzheimer’s before that awful illness develops. We all need time to refresh our minds, bodies and spirits.

So I’m trying a dose of our own medicine. I’ve drawn out the disc on a piece of coloured card and each week I’m sticking small post-its in the various sections. Dealing with the tax return – important and influential. Papers for the Board meeting – urgent and important. Responding immediately to other people's agendas - not my urgent. Body balance and yoga – Review, Rest and Restore.

When in doubt about what to do, I look at my colourful disc. Decide what to ditch or delay -and get focused!

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