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Do-It Disc

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 1 Dec 2015 in time management, work-life balance, Stress, organisation, delegation

So many people I know find it tricky to focus on what’s really important for them, to sort out the influential from the ephemeral and to keep on track despite distractions. And so do I at times Read more

Ready for Christmas? Five Top Tips

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 26 Nov 2014 in

Christmas is often upon us before we are ready, leaving us buying presents in a spin, scooping up every available bit of festive food from the supermarket at the last minute and swearing that it’ll be different next year. Read more

Untangling a ball of wool

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 21 Feb 2014 in Coaching, Problem solving

Coaching is sometimes like untangling a ball of wool. It's hopeless trying to create a new garment when all the different skeins of wool are tangled up and knotted together. Read more

Time for reflection – is it impossible?

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 28 May 2013 in Education, Leadership, Stress

In almost every profession, there are huge demands on leaders’ time and a great pressure to be busy every moment of the day. Where more so, you may think, than education... Read more

Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 20 Mar 2013 in Stress

It’s been a week of birthdays, with a number of people I know on the inexorable path of aging. As children we look forward to birthdays, proudly proclaim our age and are impatient for milestones that allow us to be seen as adults. Gradually we change our attitude, crow less loudly, become reluctant to “admit” to the passing years, as though they were a fault or somehow diminished us. Read more

Internal Gremlins – is everyone sabotaged by them?

Posted by Sarah Gornall on 21 Feb 2013 in Coaching, Education, Leadership

Headship can feel lonely and exposed. Parents, governors, staff and pupils expect leadership and strong decisions. A crack of doubt can be seen as weakness. Read more