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How to Work with People… and Enjoy It!

Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall | Published by Routledge in 2019

Packed full of wise advice for managers and leaders.

“This book will help you bring out the best in your team”

“… some of the best management/leadership/ communication models brought up to date; a must read for the 21st century”

“… Invaluable… packed full of wise advice and clear calls to action”

  • How to maximise potential, minimise interference, improve results and enjoy work more
  • How to recognise what’s going on for yourself and others and choose new ways forward
  • How to gain new insight in times of challenge and thrive …

Chapters on

  • Finding the Centre
  • Making Connections
  • Hooks and Humps
  • Ducking, Diving and Thriving
  • Dancing in the Moment
  • Forging Ahead
  • References and Further Reading

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The Art of Coaching
A handbook of tips and tools

Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall | Published by Routledge in 2015

A unique resource for coaches, managers, leaders, HR professionals and trainers: full of practical ideas and a joy to read.

“This book is compelling, it is fun and it is comprehensive”

“… tried and tested methods to roll your sleeves up, get the right perspective and encourage effective change”

“… a unique and valuable addition to professional literature”

  • Combines brand-new, original diagrams with classic models from the learning development and management fields.
  • Each model explained – what it is, how it works, how to put it into action
  • A book to shift thinking, stimulate fresh insight, use creatively in practice

Chapters on

  • Coaching
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Learning and Personal Growth
  • Leading, Influencing and Motivating
  • Analysis, Choice and Change
  • Supervision and Team Facilitation
  • Developing Creativity

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Coaching and Learning in Schools

Sarah Gornall and Mannie Burn | Published by SAGE in 2013

Packed full of interesting case studies and practical ideas for how to implement coaching in an educational setting.

Chapters on:

  • The impact of coaching on personal and professional development for school leaders and teachers
  • The impact of coaching on learning, with examples of improvement in attainment and behaviour
  • The process of coaching – qualities and skills to support success
  • Models and types of coaching, including solution focused and action-orientated coaching, NLP and TA in coaching
  • Practical tools and activities with suggestions about when to use different approaches
  • Ideas on how you might implement a coaching culture in your school, with examples of two schools who set out on this journey

“This is a complete and detailed book on professional coaching. I would thoroughly recommend it to aspiring expert coaches. In this time of frequent change, coaching has extra value.”

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Building Learning Power in Action

Sarah Gornall, Maryl Chambers and Guy Claxton | Published by TLO in 2005

Stories from 17 schools that have put Building Learning Power into practice with hosts of examples of practical activities for the classroom.

  • Case studies illustrate how BLP transforms teaching and learning, giving students a language to talk about, understand and grow their learning habits
  • Masses of practical activities give ideas of how teachers and practitioners can get started and use their own creativity to put the principles of BLP into action.

“an excellent resource for any creative teacher”

“Putting the book’s principles into practice has transformed my teaching and the approach of my class and school”

Building Learning Power (BLP) is about helping young people develop transferable learning skills.Schools implementing BLP consistently have found that it supports:

  • raised achievement
  • improved behaviour
  • increased motivation
  • supple learning minds
  • increased enjoyment in learning
  • established habits of lifelong learning
  • enhanced creativity

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