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How does Supervision Work?

“Supervision is like a calm reflective pool, 
held by the presence and stillness of the supervisor”


Confidentiality is essential to supervision, underpinned by strong and trusting relationships, built over time. A series of sessions is most effective, based on a taster session or initial discussion to establish what works best for you. We can tailor the style of supervision to meet individual or group needs, depending on where you are based and what challenges you face.

Group supervision

When you have supervision in a small group, you learn from other coaches’ insights and experience as well as from the supervisor. There is often synergy in the themes that emerge, and the learning can be multi-layered and rich. Group sessions are longer than 1:1 sessions, as there are more participants, but costs are shared.

1:1 supervision

1:1 supervision is tailored to your needs alone and you have more air time as an individual than when you work as a group. You may find it easier to explore your own work in a 1:1 session. Sessions usually last an hour and fixing dates may be more straightforward.

Face to face or telephone supervision?

It’s often a matter of practicality and cost whether you choose to have supervision face to face or on the phone. Sarah Gornall primarily offers face to face coaching for individual coaches and groups in Bristol and the surrounding area. There are no geographical limits for telephone supervision.