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Supervision Testimonials

“Sarah elegantly enabled me to develop new insights that have moved me on in building my skills and techniques”

“I have felt supported and challenged in a
stimulating and positive way by Sarah throughout.”

“You are very good at making me persevere to get clarity. You pick up on a lot of my remarks and drill down until I get a fuller picture.”

“Encouragement to practice coaching in the workplace has had a very positive impact. Fellow participants on the programme have valued it as the most, post qualifying, beneficial training they have received.”

“Sarah’s calm and focussed approach enabled me to have time to think, while also asking the questions that perhaps I hadn’t had the chance to think about…. Or perhaps even didn’t want to ask!”

“I particularly appreciated… her integrity, her ability to model good practice and the way in which her gentle and respectful questioning created insight for me”

“Wonderful mentoring, supervision and coaching.
I really appreciated every moment…”