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Why have Supervision?

“Even the most experienced coaches need help to constantly re-examine their practice, to continue to develop their skills and self-awareness, and to avoid being drawn into their clients’ systems.”

Who is supervision for?

Supervision is for coaches who want to develop their business, gain clarity about what’s going on with their clients, and keep improving their offer.

Supervision helps coaches become more aware, gain new insights, coach cleanly and do a better job.

What do coaches gain from supervision?

Clients I work with tell me they get:

  •  Increased business of the sort they want
  •  Greater clarity about what’s going on with their clients
  •  Ability to see the wood, rather than getting lost in the trees

They leave sessions feeling clearer, lighter and more secure in their role.

How do organisations benefit?

Developing internal coaches is a cost effective way of building staff capacity. Regular supervision helps them to:

  •  Hone their professional skills
  •  Heighten their awareness of the impact of the organisational system
  •  Bring a more detached perspective to their coaching

"Being supervised by you is liberating"